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Welcome to Lara Floats

At Lara Floats we strive to build a float to your needs, nothing is a hassle and nothing is too hard. We enjoy having your input into your new personalised float!

The Floats we build at Lara Floats are built to the highest standards and using the highest grade quality materials, you are assured a safe, quality built float, that is not only stylish, but are that head turning unique.

open quote
  • Dear Dorothy, Peter & Family I thank you so much for all you have done. Your thoughtfulness and we know how very hard you have worked on the float.

    —Jen, Ray & Steph
  • I have included a pic of the main horse that travels in this float - The lovely 7 yo pally mare Zephura just broken in at the beginning of the year shown in her golden coat at the horse breakers.

    —Vicki Beare Stocking Lodge Tasmania

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Starting with the Basics

How many times have you heard the saying 'I wish I didn't buy this, why did I get it from them, I will never buy from them again'? Well, my first plan was understanding and getting to know you the customer and finding out what YOU want and how YOU want it. The floats at Lara Floats are always being improved, strengthened and customised so in the end you will get the float you have dreamt about and not have to take out a loan to pay for it. I have come up with numerous designs and ideas, why not take a look and see for yourself, you will not find a better float built to your own specifications ...

Angle Load

“Starting with 12 Ft 8, 13 Ft 6 to 14 Ft 6”

Deluxe Load

“Starting with 10 Ft 8, 11 Ft 6 +”

Straight Lara Special

“Starting with 10 Ft 8, 11 Ft 6 +”

Why Custom Designed with Individuality?

"Because these days people are wanting something to call their own, we at Lara Floats help them by not making one float the same ."

"Every Float is built with different pin stripe style ... I know for a fact that these amazingly stunning looks are not only stylish but have their own individuality too!"