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Design Construction Features

The process that goes into building a Lara float is quite extensive. You have a choice of colour and style, electric brakes, double skinned to keep your horses cool in summer plus a choice of pop up or whirly. If your car has round or square plug we can cater for it, a Victorian registration is included first 12 months and so much more goes into your build just read on. First, lengths of Australian galvanised steel are cut to size for you order and then welded all four sides of every join by qualified welders.

The floor rails of the base are welded at 300mm apart centre to centre to ensure maximum strength. The welds are then zinced to prevent any rust.

The frame of the float is then fully primed with three to four coats of etch primer. After the etch primer the float is then given three to four coats of a strong wear resistant hammer tone. The flooring is a hard wood marine ply that is rated at two ton over 600mm, but keep in mind our rails are only 300mm apart. That is then fastened to every rail of the base using gal self-tapping screws.

All straight loads come standard with double floors that are 36mm thick, on top of that is a 12mm thick durable rubber that is not only glued down but also fastened down with screws to prevent movement and lifting. The rubber is then fully sealed using a sealant to prevent any urine or water from seeping into the structure and also makes for easy clean out.

All the sheets, roof mouldings and windows inside and out are sealed to prevent any water from entering the float .The doors and gas strut have a gasket foam seal that also prevents any leaks. The float then gets three to four coats of the colour and style of your choice. After painting all fittings are then fastened using strong stainless steel rivets.

During the sheeting process the UV resistant colour bond sheeting is not only riveted but glued with a KD bond to seal it. This chemical and mechanical bond will help prevent any rattle in the sheets. In between the sheeting is a 25mm thick dense polystyrene foam that helps to insulate and keep down road noise.

We use dual axle with 7 leaf suspension and electric brakes on light truck tyres as standard. The tail gate has a high tensioned spring that makes for easy lifting.

The inside of our bays have fully padded chest bars, centre divider and breaching doors that are all easily removable and standard.

The lights throughout the float are all led that draw low current and have extended life plus we take our time and hide the wiring!