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Dear Dorothy, Peter & Family I thank you so much for all you have done. Your thoughtfulness and we know how very hard you have worked on the float. We know we will love it and we know our horses will appreciate it even more.

—Jen, Ray & Steph


Thanks for looking after me so well during the purchase of my Lara float. The build and delivery went very well and the shipping company managed a prompt delivery to Tasmania

I have included a pic of the main horse that travels in this float - The lovely 7 yo pally mare Zephura just broken in at the beginning of the year shown in her golden coat at the horse breakers.

I have the other pics taken just recently at 5 mile beach just near Hobart airport, sadly in her winter coat though.

Although I dont have a big 4WD vehicle my float tows well behind my FORD car and I think it looks a pretty flashy outfit. Most companies charge extra for a coloured paint job so this is my first coloured float... yipee.

As you know I bought a Lara float sight unseen so I wasn't sure how a smaller float of 10'8" would fit my big girl who is also quite claustrophobic and I must say the little extra height up to 7'3" has made for a roomy space. I also recently picked up my TB Broodmare who is over 16hh and she fitted into the float nicely with room to spare, much too my surprise. ( my last float was 12 foot with 7ft bays and 7'5" in height plus $6000 dearer.)

This year the budget was tight so the Lara float was affordable and well built for the price.My boyfriend has checked it out and thinks I got a good float so I am happy with the structure, the welds underneath and the wiring was a neat job. We had looked at the chinese floats that were a similar price but my friend advised me not to buy one of these.

—Vicki Beare Stocking Lodge Tasmania